Join the USA Gloves Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

The devastation of the Houston area and Texas gulf coast by hurricane Harvey is unprecedented is scale and is slated to be the costliest disaster ever to impact the United States.  Thousands of people remain in shelters, with their homes and personal belongings destroyed.  The impact of this 1000 year storm is overwhelming, with resources and personnel beginning to stretch thin in a recovery effort that has only just begun.   To add to this overwhelming burden, hurricane Irma caused significant damage to many parts of the Florida region, and hurricane Maria has left the island of Puerto Rico in shambles with a humanitarian crisis unfolding.

Millions of people have already donated food, water, clothing, and money to help with this recovery effort. However additional funds and donations will be necessary for years to come.  It is more important than ever for us as individuals and business to step up and help.  To aid in this recovery effort, USA Gloves would like to ask for your support in our Hurricane Relief fundraiser.

USA gloves is a small family owned business located in North Carolina and has been manufacturing and importing commercial and consumer gloves for more than 30 years.

We created the “American Glove” as a reminder of the great things we have achieved together as a country, and can continue to achieve by remaining United.  This beautiful and unique glove pays tribute to our glorious American flag and is proudly Made In The USA.

To show our commitment to helping our fellow Americans, USA Gloves will donate 50% of the proceeds of every “American Glove” sold towards the hurricane relief effort.  The funds will be entrusted to the Samaritans Purse charity, which ensures that your contribution will be used to its maximum potential and reach those who need it most.  Not only will you be supporting a wonderful charity, but you will also be supporting and helping to grow American small business, the lifeblood of our country.

For a nominal cost of only $10 (which includes all taxes, shipping and handling to all 50 US States),  you can own a great pair of American made gloves and feel satisfied in knowing that a sizable portion of your money will go to help those in need.   Thank you very much for your patronage and support in this effort!


USA Gloves